If you are billing through eClinicalWorks or NextGen, it is time you took advantage of North America’s largest certified EHR solution partner.

A successful revenue cycle process begins with a properly configured electronic health records (EHR) system. RCM360 has decades of experience supporting a variety of EHR providers.

With 5 offices in North America, our team of fully certified staff has a depth of experience in EHR training, database expertise, technical support, and billing subject matter experts.

Our legacy as North America’s largest eClinicalWorks solution provider recently expanded as we joined the Med Tech Solutions team. With this merger, we have expanded our offerings to support a myriad of EHR providers including eClinicalWorks and NextGen.

Just like your practice, our business depends on knowing EHR providers inside and out.

Our Process

The RCM360 process revolves around the principles of simplicity, transparency, and open communication, and will always help you answer the key business questions that keep you up at night.

Outsource medical billing to the RCM360 Team and we can help your practice with the following:

The RCM360 team has not only closed the gap in outstanding charges but significantly reduced our denials.

We equate our recent success to their expertise in designing a workflow within our EHR that helps ensure claims are approved on the first pass. We are in constant communication and see RCM360 as an extension of our team.

Dr. William Wu, M.D.
Heart and Vascular Clinic of San Antonio

Custom Dashboard

Custom Dashboards

While your focus is mainly on caring for patients, having a clear understanding of your finances is critical to your success. If you do not have instant access with a high-level of transparency, it is hard to ensure you are on the right track and could result in lost revenue.

RCM360 can provide Custom Dashboards that not only offer you the data you need to improve your financial status but also can be a catalyst for simplifying your processes and increasing collections.

Let us evaluate the financial health of your practice so you can get back to caring for your patients.

RCM360 is a team of revenue cycle management (RCM) and billing optimization specialists, with experience working with hundreds of provider groups across the United States. We’ve seen just about every possible scenario and can develop a solution for even the most challenging billing situation. Give us the opportunity to conduct a free accounts receivable analysis and we will show you the impact we can have on your business and help you increase cash flow, reduce claim rejection and close the gap on aging accounts receivables.