Medical Billing Optimization

Are you using your EHR software to its fullest potential? Optimize its use to reduce errors and denials, increase collections, and improve the financial health of your practice.

There are hundreds of features within each EHR software, and it takes a team that knows them inside and out. It’s not uncommon to see practices only using the basics. Have you invested the time to really understand your EHR and how it impacts and your own billing workflow?

Medical practices from all over the nation turn to RCM360 because they want to take advantage of all their EHR functionality. Many medical practices need assistance maximizing collections, running a more profitable business and meeting strict regulatory guidelines.

At RCM360, we find that many healthcare practices are challenged with the following:

  • Staff Turnover – It’s difficult to constantly transfer training and knowledge from staff member to staff member. It can take years of experience to truly master the practice management system.
  • Automated Functions in your billing workflow to become more efficient – Staff tend to follow manual processes that are more familiar to them, which takes more time and is less efficient. Our experts deploy the many tools to improve your processes through automation.
  • Settings to Reduce Denials are Complex – Staff members don’t know the use or challenges of the settings in the system. Some of these settings can decrease denials almost immediately. Our team of experts will work side-by-side with your team to develop the best strategies for setting rules and edits to reduce denials.
  • Reporting is a Specialized Skill – The reporting process can be complex. Setting a strategy for reporting and interpreting reports on a regular basis is a specialized skill. Let RCM360 evaluate your system, set up automated features, manage your denials, monitor completion of notes and develop custom EBO reports to manage your revenue cycle and provide relevant data.
  • New Features are Time-Consuming – As systems evolve and enhancements are made, it can be difficult to stay current with new features. Our staff is required to stay up-to-date with the latest functionality.
  • Issues with Clearinghouses – Practices need help resolving issues with clearinghouses. Clearinghouse rejections can be time-consuming and costly to resolve. Our billing staff works with support technicians to address issues efficiently.
Billing Optimization
Billing Optimization

You Can Count on RCM360 Billing Experts to Get You on Track

RCM360 has more than 100 years of combined experience in medical billing and processing claims. It’s our goal to partner with you by navigating the complexities of medical billing with customized solutions that meet your needs. Let’s get started by conducting a free Accounts Receivable Analysis.

Free Accounts Receivable Analysis

RCM360 has created a custom analysis for your application based on many years of experience in developing new workflows and processes to help you improve collections. It’s provided at no-cost and does not require a contract. Click here to get started and we will provide the following:

  • Opportunity Data Report – A snapshot of your account over the last two years. The Opportunity Data Report shows average charges, average payments, adjustments, claim counts, and more. It RCM360 to get an overall view of the current situation and make informed decisions on how to improve.
  • Opportunity Dashboard Report – The Dashboard Report provides details of your workflow process. It includes daily payment average, net collection rate, percentage of AR over 120 days, days in AR and unlocked notes. It allows us to uncover red flags so we can provide a plan to address key issues.
  • Claim Activity Report – This report is a custom report designed by RCM360. Within this report, we look at the last claim activity and the last time claims were touched; meaning a submission, payment on the claim, a denial on the claim, or a note on the claim.

RCM360: A Unique Approach Designed for Your Practice

When you work with RCM360, you will be assigned an account manager and a team of experienced billers who begin by learning all there is to know about your current billing system. We work with you to identify issues with claim submissions and develop a strategy to solve problems before claims age out. Our team is dedicated to becoming an extension of your team; working together to meet the unique needs of your practice.

Our clients enjoy 100 percent transparency as we work side-by-side within your system, so you can see everything we do. You can leverage our expertise while maintaining complete control over the complex process of accounts receivables and improving your overall cash flow. Partnering with RCM360 also means you will have access to a team of certified trainers, support, and data experts to help you optimize your investment.

Billing Optimization